Saturday, September 25, 2010

ORS Harvest Moon Night Hike; the first of many.

Tristan led a crew of almost ten people into the evening on a beautiful fall day, to the top of White Rock Mountain. This is a great hike to give night-hiking a try on. The terrain is just steep and rocky enough to feel a little adventurous, and the scenery is classic Vermont mountain-top surroundings. Few, if any, of the participants had hiked at night before, so we hope this was the first of many forays into the night woods for everyone.

The night was complete with a beautiful full moon that rose as we hiked, streaks of stars and clouds, a shooting star, a fireworks show in the distance, and warm malted apple cider. Plus the great company of fellow adventurers!

It's hard to capture night hikes on camera, but we tried! Here are some pics to show for the evening.


  1. I wish I had come, but I was camping near Redfish Lake, very FAR away. I was there in spirit.

  2. So it looks like our second and final Full moon night hike is in the works! Stay tuned for more details!