Sunday, September 26, 2010

One day, two great organizations.

Sarah, Odin, and I had a wonderful day of connecting with two great organizations we love and have tried to be more part of the last few years since we have resided in Vermont. The day started with a wonderful group ride up North Branch -> Sparrow Hill -> Dan Smith's, where we had some great singletrack and conversation. We then headed out to Waterbury for the GMC's volunteer cookout. Sarah and I recently adopted the Skyline lodge in the breadloaf range and have had aappreciation cookout. We had a great time hiking in to our adopted shelter Skyline Lodge and keeping an eye on the shelter with shelter reports. We met new and old faces and shared awards for service, good conversation and good food! Then it was off to the MAMBA end of the year shindig where there were many familiar faces and new ones as well. Good food, good drink, good music and great people to share it with.

Sarah and I believe deeply that connecting and being involved with your community is paramount to living. This is truly a beautiful place to be indeed where the mountains and the people in them are what makes this a a special place to live and play. So here's to two extraordinary organizations that I am proud to be part of because without them we could not experience the trails and wild places we go every day.

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