Thursday, September 2, 2010

Atop an elephant.

It was a last second decision not unlike Sarah, Odin and I to hike Elephants head the new trail relocation of the Long trail north. Having been in the vicinity of the mountain road Rt.108 we decided to go for it. Even the fact that I had not prepared for the hike and was wearing denim was not enough to keep us from setting out to find the elephant at the top of the notch. The Long trail in its entirety is a beautiful trail full of unexpected hidden views and walks not easily found by the novice hiker, they take time and exploration to find. This trail however we soon found out was right here in our back yard and quite a jewel to be had with out much looking at all. The forest trail and atmosphere are grand as soon as you start the traverse across the notch north where the trail narrows and intriguing bridges guide you about making you anticipate every turn in the trail. I was amazed at the chutes, cliffs and spectacular views as we made our way to the lookout. Not only was this view worth the hike it's the kind of lookout that can only afford a modest amount of visitors as it is perched almost precariously above the notch a top one very large elephants head. This will be an elephant that will have my company again soon for quite some time to come.

Till next time

Walk good!

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  1. You are so Western wearing denim. jeez. I want to hike this someday.