Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More skin tracks than you could shake a stick at!

With conditions like this it's hard to stay home. Sarah and I have have a hard time staying home anyways never mind the snow that has befallen our beautiful mountains this past week.  As one happy Vermont BC skier said yesterday " The snow conditions are unbelievable, best yet!"  as he smiled and went on his way on  210 cm skis.  People love to ski here, hell people love to ski here even when conditions aren't well, less than ideal!  But right now we have some great snow and when you find yourselves in good company and deep powder turns in the middle of beautiful mountains things just don't get any better.  We did find ourselves a little turned around as the skin tracks seemed to run just about everywhere as we skinned our way up the mountain.  In the end we found our way and made some new turns, with more to come next time. So as we find ourselves in the mountains remember this- our time in the mountains right now are good, they could get better!, or they could be worse and no matter what you find, its time well spent!

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