Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The place; The Mad Taco

If you haven't been to the Mad Taco, well then the next thing that should cross your mind is why haven't I been yet? and when am I going? The food here is - simply put - amazing, produced by our good friends at the Three Penny Taproom. These guys don't do anything unless it's done phenomenally! They brought us fine crafted beers in Montpelier VT, now they have outdone themselves with their Mexican inspired cuisine by Chef Joey Nagy, a true artist in his own right! These guys even smoke their own meats right outside as you walk in and smell the absolutely delicious aromas made within. They even make their own sauces served up with a hot factor scale scrawled on a chalk board for one's pondering. I believe my friend "Shaggy", after a day of turns at the Bush, opted for creepers revenge, which on the scale of 1-10 was an eleven. I think we can figure out what Shaggy was saying after that... So if you happen to find yourself in the Waitsfield valley or hell even if you aren't, make the trip, check this place out you won't be disappointed, I promise you that.

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  1. I LOVEEEE the logo! Wish I got to try it out! Next time!