Thursday, January 27, 2011

My bathroom floor; it's that time of year

Well what can I say this is usually what my bathroom floor looks like any time of the year and as I walked in and saw all the 2011 catalogs there at my feet I felt, well excited about this coming year of riding. Hell it's my job to sell bikes and yes the bathroom is where I read up, compare and contrast all the new stuff. Is it weird you may ask? Well I don't think so, wasn't the flux capacitor thunk up by Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown in the bathroom? Why it sure was and yes that was a great fictional movie. But as I think about this summer and I flip through these pages I can only think; this coming season is going to be even better then the last. That is if I can keep the rubber side down and not break a wing like last year; a serious bummer and not recommended. So if you're enjoying the snow but happen to be thinking about that new bike or are just wondering what the heck is new this year? Stop by your local bike shop they just might know and heck I might just be there to tell you.

Now go get outside, and have fun out there.



  1. It is that time of year- I'm salivating over gardening catalogs, and the other day, I had a good cry about fresh tomatoes. Also, I think this summer I will have time for a few good week long backbacking trips.

  2. cross bike! I want one!