Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Illum-inate your self.

So Teva finally did it!  That's right a sandal that will light your way to where ever you happen to be getting to in the dark.  I was surprised at the fact that no one had done this yet and so here it is!  The new Illum by Teva offers an amazingly efficient amount of light packed into this sandal-light hybrid.  With the slip of a foot and a push of a button one can light their path to the beach, trail, downtown for a drink, or to the privy.

It comes in two models: one a modest $40 nylon version and the other a $60  smooth, comfortable suede.  I found myself slipping on this sandal more than often, leaving my other sandals in the closet because these ones are so darn comfortable!  Not only will you be able to see your way downtown or to the beach at the crack of dawn, but so will everyone else with you.  So as you find your way around don't be surprised to hear  " What the heck does that person have on their feet?"  Hey, that's pretty cool!

Walk good!

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