Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome, Spring.

Though it doesn't currently look like Spring out there, its certainly in the air. As I got back from a run through the snow last night, I thought, even this snow feels different. It feels like Spring snow.

Sunday, however, really felt like Spring, as did the entire weekend. Complete with deep-rutted, muddy roads and calls from the birds who have recently returned. The arrival of redwinged blackbirds, with their distinctive call, are my favorite sign of Spring. I celebrated the arrival of one of my favorite seasons by planting my seedlings for the garden and taking our first bike ride of the season.

In the garden, I'll have lots of heirlooms like moon & stars watermelon and bleeding heart tomatoes (they actually look like hearts, which can be unappealing, but they are the most delicious slicing tomato I have ever tasted). And flowers. Now that I have a patch of Earth, rather than containers on the front porch, I no longer have to limit myself. I'm even putting in berry bushes and fruit trees. And a compost bin. I'm so excited!

As for the bike ride, it was a slog through deep mud, but it was wonderful to use those muscles again, to feel the burn in my lungs, and to be out in the sunshiny Spring day. Today we will enjoy the snow and maybe some skis. Enjoy some photos from the day, and Happy Trails!

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