Friday, March 25, 2011

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a bea- ...

Okay, I'll stop singing Mr. Rogers tunes. But, hey, check out some pictures from a recent ski we took up VAST (Vermont Association of Snow Travelers; read: snowmobile trail) in our neighborhood! It feels a little like trespassing or sneaking around forbidden land, but I am assured by Tristan, the authority on VAST, that we are in fact allowed to be there. Muscles not motors, right?! Er, motors not muscles? Anyways, it turns out there is an expansive view from the hill we found, almost 360 degrees. We fall a little more in love with our home every day. And our skis. Hope you're finding a scrap of snow somewhere to ski on, too!

And a video!


  1. Green Mountain Lines! YES! These pages explain it all. The name IS perfect. Congratulations. If this all I knew of you two, I'd be almost as impressed as I already am. C:

  2. Why thanks Carla, we miss you up here! Maybe will be neighbors some day soon?