Thursday, March 17, 2011

There's Still Some Snow to be Had

T emailed me at work today "I want to ride my bike!!!" We've had some warm weather, which by our standards means higher than 40, and the conditions are great for our famous/infamous dirt road rides. But my reply? "I want to ski!!! (on soft snow)." So, we skied.

The conditions were fast due to some soft-snow-turned-crust (we didn't hit the hill until 7pm) - true spring skiing conditions! And the Rossi BC 125s handled things beautifully! We ended the evening with fast shushing turns down our rural hillsides under a twilight sky with a near-full moon, as the sun set over the distant mountains. Enjoy some shots from the evening, and Happy Trails! Oh, and yes, Tristan is skiing in jeans.


  1. Some of your BC skiing and MTB acquaintances are turning their attention to the rivers now.

    See the NEW HAVEN RIVER FESTIVAL, Burlington and Bristol, April 1-3.

  2. awww yeah! I want to ride my bike too... but I'll ski first. I can mix it up here, but not farmy backroads.